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Are You Thinking About Crane Safety?

With today’s prevalence of overhead cranes in industrial markets, transporting materials has never been more convenient. However, with this convenience come additional safety threats through improper crane use and maintenance. Common causes of crane accidents include caught-load, slack line, overload/underload and structural fatigue. Accidents can result in loss of life, crippling fines and ruined businesses. With Rice Lake’s brand of trusted overhead weighing solutions from Measurement Systems International (MSI), federal OSHA and local regulatory requirements are exceeded to ensure compliance and safety standards.

Overhead Weighing Goals 


By utilizing weighing equipment either as an accessory or integrated into a crane, accidents can be significantly reduced or prevented. Overhead weighing solutions provide real-time measurement of the operational load as well as immediate feedback to operators and safety systems that prevent or limit unsafe conditions. MSI provides two system solutions, below-the-hook and integrated weighing, to ensure overhead weighing remains as safe as possible.


Below-the-hook weighing solutions offer an added convenience of weighing in process—eliminating additional stops in shipping and receiving, in-process material handling, metals and manufacturing. These solutions quickly provide operators lifted load weights with optimal balance capabilities. Use a dynamometer or a crane scale in monorail hoists, rail mounted and semi gantries, and with jib, tower, whirley, container and loader cranes.

MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2

Dynamometers for light-duty, straight-lift weighing measure both vertical and horizontal tension. The MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 is the industry’s most advanced digital tension dynamometer. Constructed of high-grade, aircraft-quality aluminum with an anodized finish and gasket sealing, the Dyna-Link 2 is built to address caught-load or slack-line issues that may cause unsafe conditions.


Below-the-hook crane scales can be used in medium to heavy duty applications to prevent overloads and alert the operator to potentially unsafe conditions. The MSI-4260 crane scale is built for heavy-duty dynamic weighing, includes a 5:1 safety factor, and exceeds OSHA, ANSI and ASME safety requirements. These solutions can be paired with advanced process controllers and RF solutions to offer complete industry solutions that easily integrate into existing setups.


The MSI-3460 with ScaleCore provides industry leading weighing features plus much more. Long range viewing is enhanced with a larger 1.5 inch (38 millimeter) ultra-bright LED digital display and resolution settings of up to 10,000 divisions for precise 0.1 percent loading accuracy. Product operating time is extended to over 80 hours with a single six-volt rechargeable battery. The MSI-3460 has been upgraded to NEMA Type 4/IP65 levels and maintains minimum 200 percent safe and 500
percent ultimate load ratings.


Most bridge, monorail, jib, gantry and straddle crane safety systems employ an integrated load sensing system. An integrated load sensor is designed to be permanantly installed and integrated where load is consistently applied relative to the actual load the crane is handling, generally with sheave pin, load link and compression designs. Because of their integrated design, these solutions feature no loss of head height. In addition to the sensor, the system must have a load indicator to provide operators with load indication and control.

Clevis Load Pin Sensor

A key component for MSI’s integrated overhead weighing solutions is the Clevis Load Pin Sensor. Typically desgned and manufactured specifically to each integrated solution, the MSI load pin ensures the most efficient and accurate performance for each specific installation. MSI load pins utilize only internally mounted strain gauges for complete protection from the outside environment.

Shear Web Load Cell

MSI’s Shear Web Load Cell can be custom-fit for use with existing equipment. The load cell can be interfaced with a wireless RF transmitter to communicate load data with a digital weight indicator or handheld remote display. Reliable and durable, the shear web load cell is IP67 rated, zinc plated and constructed with 4340 alloy steel.


TranSend is a wireless load cell interface that transforms the signal of one or more load cells and transmits the data wirelessly to a receiving unit. TranSend is fully compatible with a broad range of receiving devices including MSI-8000, MSI-8000HD, any other digital weight indicator, PC, PLC or other industrial device. Multi-channel devices offer up to three optional relay contacts, an audible alarm, and can function as a smart junction box.


MSI-3460 Challenger 3 Crane Scale

The MSI-3460 with ScaleCore measurement module provides industry leading weighing features of previous Challenger designs plus much more. Long range viewing is enhanced with a larger 1.5 inch (38 millimeter) ultra-bright LED digital display and resolution settings of up to 10,000 divisions for precise 0.1 percent loading accuracy.

MSI-3460 Challenger 3 Crane Scale

The MSI-9300 crane scale combines an integrated weight display with advanced wireless data processing capability providing versatile solutions in overhead industrial weighing applications. The MSI-9300 merges MSI’s advanced CellScale™ technology with world-renowned crane scale designs providing local and remote control capabilities.