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“Loyalty Through Relationships”

Since 1975, Associated Scale has been your weighing solution experts. We service, support and sell all aspects for your weighing needs.

Our Services

Weighing Solution Sales & Support

Looking for a new weighing solution? We can help. Does your equipment need serviced? We have 24/7/365 technicians available.


Complete calibration services for every type of scale.
We are ISO 17025 ACCREDITED.


Need a temporary solution? We have small to large capacity scales, floor scales and many more.

New Acquisition, Leads to Further Coverage

Associated Scale is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of FIES Scales & Systems, Inc. FIES has been in the industry since 1933, offering the highest quality in weighing, and counting devices as well as servicing and complete system applications. Since 1975, Associated Scale has always strived to become the leader for all scale service, repair, calibration and rental services in the scaling industry. Our acquisition of FIES Scales will allow us to service a wider range of customers as well as improve the way we help our current customers.

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Waste Not…Want Not – Reducing Foodservice Overhead

Reducing food waste is becoming a much more important source of increased revenue for commercial kitchens in recent years. According to the USDA, every year the United States wastes an estimated 30 to 40 percent of its food supply. Statista reports that, in 2015, of...

Food Safety Modernization Act and How it Effects Scales

What Is the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)? On January 4, 2011, President Obama signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. The FSMA brought a much-needed focus of food safety laws into the food processing industry as well as to...

Why Accurate Scales for Food Processing is Key

The use of accurate scales is essential during food process control to ensure quality for the consumer and yield profit for the producer. Good weighing practices also have a significant impact on productivity, safety, and compliance. If you’re in the food process...

Your Scales Are Handmade in the USA

Have you ever wondered where your scales are built? They are handmade in the USA. Here at Associated Scale, we believe in “Loyalty Through Relationships,” and three of our employees recently got back from a site visit with Cardinal Scales at the 2018 Dealers Meeting,...

4 Money Saving Benefits of Calibrated Truck Scales

During harvest season, having properly calibrated truck scales makes all the difference when calculating grain, fruits, vegetables, and other items. For more than 40 years, we have provided expert truck scale calibration services to ensure accurate weight...

Truck Scale Maintenance Benefits

For companies that rely on a truck scale to weigh vehicles and their contents, it’s important for the equipment to be calibrated accurately and operate proper truck scale maintenance so they don’t incur fines from excessive loads. That’s why purchasing a quality truck...

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