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Since 1975, Associated Scale has been your weighing solution experts. We service, support and sell all aspects for your weighing needs.

Our Services

Weighing Solution Sales & Support

Looking for a new weighing solution? We can help. Does your equipment need serviced? We have 24/7/365 technicians available.


Complete calibration services for every type of scale.
We are ISO 17025 ACCREDITED.


Need a temporary solution? We have small to large capacity scales, floor scales and many more.

New Acquisition, Leads to Further Coverage

Associated Scale is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of FIES Scales & Systems, Inc. FIES has been in the industry since 1933, offering the highest quality in weighing, and counting devices as well as servicing and complete system applications. Since 1975, Associated Scale has always strived to become the leader for all scale service, repair, calibration and rental services in the scaling industry. Our acquisition of FIES Scales will allow us to service a wider range of customers as well as improve the way we help our current customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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Truck Scale Maintenance Benefits

For companies that rely on a truck scale to weigh vehicles and their contents, it’s important for the equipment to be calibrated accurately and operate proper truck scale maintenance so they don’t incur fines from excessive loads. That’s why purchasing a quality truck...

Wine Shipping With Care

Pinot Noir is the holy grail of the wine world. Coveted for its rich flavor, complex aroma and velvety mouthfeel, this grape variety makes for one of the most popular (and notoriously difficult to produce) wines. To keep up with the demand of wine shipping, the...

Portability Comes to Farm Scales

It takes a special breed to be a farmer. Farm scales are an essential tool for the job. Those who take on the challenge require farm scales that provide weighing of products, from crops to livestock, across the world. While everyone enjoys the fruits of...

Ensure Proper Cleaning of Your Health Scale

Keys to Proper Health Scale Cleaning This is essential to proper measurements and data. Follow these steps to keep your scale operational. STEP 1: Turn the power off. Disconnect your scale from the AC power source. STEP 2: Clean all external surfaces with...

Boost Fall Harvest Calibration Accuracy

    Summer is in full swing — and for anyone working in agriculture, that means the rush of harvest season is fast approaching. Before goods are ready to be shipped across the country, it’s important for agricultural producers to boost harvest calibration and keep...

Distillation Weighing Solutions

Cheers to Brewing Distillers As the beverage industry of craft beer and brewing distillation is growing in the United States, manufacturing equipment is needed to withstand the conditions of a distillery. Operations such as keg cleaning, sanitation and...

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