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Which Accessories are Most Useful for Truck Scales

Commercial truck scales must be built to accommodate trucks and other oversized vehicles. To ensure proper use of the equipment and prevent long lines, it’s important to direct truck drivers where they need to go. Here is a list of accessories that will make your...

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How does winter weather affect your truck scale

When it comes to truck scales, the weather is a key factor and no one knows how important it is to be able to provide accurate weights and measurements. Because of this, we specialize in services designed to increase accuracy and ensure our customers receive the best...

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Top 5 Issues You May Face With Scale Calibration

A truck scale is used to weigh rail or road vehicles and their contents and is crucial for weight and safety inspections at highway checkpoints. This is why it’s important to be prepared for any situation in which there may be an issue with your scale calibration....

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How IP Ratings Are Protecting Your Equipment

IP stands for Ingress Protection Ingress protection shields equipment inside an enclosure against solid objects, dust and water. Varying degrees of protection are represented by a numeric system known as IP ratings. This system follows the format IP## where ## is a...

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Does Scale Calibration Mean the Same Throughout Industries?

Routine scale calibration is a necessary and critical component of scale maintenance and dependability. The quality of the calibration weight used for scale calibration is just as important. Calibration weights are classified by various styles, certifications,...

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Truck Scale site planning, get it right from the start

  To ensure the longest lifespan and best performance for your truck scale, proper site planning is essential. Your truck scale supplier will help you select the best site, considering the traffic flow of your operation, the best location for a foundation,...

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