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What You Need to Know for Crane Safety

Are You Thinking About Crane Safety? With today’s prevalence of overhead cranes in industrial markets, transporting materials has never been more convenient. However, with this convenience come additional safety threats through improper crane use and maintenance....

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Extreme Clean: Meeting Meat’s Cleanliness Standards

In the food processing industry, sanitation stands above all else on the ladder of importance. If strict cleanliness guidelines are not followed, the product may be contaminated—causing potentially serious health issues for the customer and devastating business...

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No Power, No Problem with our Solar Panel Solutions

If you are looking into a new truck scale and wondering where to put your new scale, one thing that you might look at is your property. Some areas don’t have access for power to be ran to the truck scale in order to run the equipment and instruments for weight read...

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Heavy Capacity Testing Makes Destinations Limitless

When you begin to look into your truck scale and either need it to be calibrated or it is a new install, a Heavy Capacity scale test is needed in order to certify or validate the scales accuracy. We are the only scale distributor in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana...

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Truck Scale Owners’ Best Practices

So you own a truck scale... Since your purchase, have you become an expert in the scale’s operation and maintenance? Unlikely since your day-to-day operations keep you focused on generating revenue, not worrying about your scale’s maintenance, repair and operation....

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