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IP stands for Ingress Protection

Ingress protection shields equipment inside an enclosure against solid objects, dust and water. Varying degrees of protection are represented by a numeric system known as IP ratings. This system follows the format IP## where ## is a combination of numerals. The first digit following IP identifies the level of protection against solid objects, including dust. The second digit is the level of protection against various forms of moisture.

Ingress ProtectionFirst digit: Protection against solidsSecond digit: Protection against moisture

IP Rating Examples, Explained

The below list of IP ratings is organized from the highest level of ingress protection to the lowest.

IP69KDust tight and withstands high-pressure, high-temperature water (K designates resistance to high-pressure water)
IP68Dust tight and protects against water while submerged at 15 meters deep
IP67Dust tight and protects against water while submerged at one meter deep
IP66*Dust tight and protects against high-pressure water projected from any direction
IP65Dust tight and protects against low-pressure water projected from any direction
IP64Dust tight and protects against splashed water
*NEMA Type 4 and Type 4X are equivalent to IP66


How are Associated Scale Products IP Rated? 

Associated Scale works with many manufacturers that offers a full line of weighing and measurement equipment designed to meet the unique requirements of IP applications.

Associated Scale can provide checkweighers, bench scales, floor scales, balances and more for applications requiring washdown or sanitary conditions, such as food and chemical processing facilities, laboratories and medical environments. Visit our products page for more information.

Featured Product 

RoughDeck® QC-X Quick Clean Extreme Solid Base Plate Floor Scale

  • Rugged washdown design, rigid 304 stainless steel frame constructed with continuous welds
  • Manual drop-in-place safety bars
  • Four stainless steel, welded seal IP69K, shear-beam load cells
  • 20 ft of hostile environment cable for connecting junction box to indicator
  • Remote stainless steel NEMA Type 4X junction box can be mounted up to 15 ft away
  • Four adjustable stainless steel support feet
  • Top plate opens 75 degrees
  • Top plate available with a smooth deck or diamond treadplate