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Have you ever wondered where your scales are built? They are handmade in the USA. Here at Associated Scale, we believe in “Loyalty Through Relationships,” and three of our employees recently got back from a site visit with Cardinal Scales at the 2018 Dealers Meeting, which was held on October 21-October 24 in Branson, Missouri.

This meeting consisted of a tour on the historic Route 66 in the heart of Webb City, Missouri, at the Cardinal Scales Manufacturing production facility. We were able to meet, talk and see how over 600 employees that everyday, work hard to build the scales that you have in your offices, on your farms and in your warehouses. From the machine shop where they hand drill and tool out every aspect of a load cell to the newly built 44,000 sq. ft. truck scale hangar, Cardinal Scales does not leave out any details. Every part of the production line has a purpose and they have it down to a science. So what is the purpose of having an accurate, reliable, and well built scale? It is the driving force behind making sure all of your products are weighed correctly and shipped out in a timely fashion. That is why Associated Scale is proud to have a relationship with Cardinal Scales.

Here at Associated Scale, we are always looking to transition to the future of weighing solutions. Historically, scales are built for one reason…get accurate weights for shipping and transporting goods.  Some say “Out with the old and in with the new,” but some ways remain the same, but new technology is going to allow us to provide you with advanced and upgraded scales. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have a Cardinal Scale currently, please reach out to us at 1-820-964-2320, as we would like to meet with you to discuss some of the new features that are coming. If you do not, please contact us at info@associatedscale.com and find out how you can be on the leading edge of weighing.

Just as we have done with Cardinal Scales, we strive to build that loyalty and relationship with you.

Gallery of Visit

Enjoy a gallery of some of the images from our visit to the Cardinal Scale Manufacturing facility.