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What is IP69K? Is this a concern for me? If so, how can I be protected? These are all great questions to ask yourself if you have any products that withstand the elements.

Do you have an electrical enclosure in your home or where you work? Sure you do. We have all seen a breaker or a fuse inside our electrical box at home. Now let’s pretend what would happen if that same electrical box was mounted on the outside of the house. During the first rainstorm, snowstorm and possibly even a dust storm there would be problems with the elements (rain, snow or dust/dirt) getting into the box. This is even more problematic if the environment is constantly combated with these elements. Have you ever heard of a NEMA rating or an IP rating? Any type of electrical enclosure should have one of these ratings. NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association. NEMA ratings are standards that are used in defining types of environments in which an electrical enclosure can be used. IP stands for Ingress Protection. Like the NEMA ratings, the IP rating system provides users more detailed information than vague marketing terms, such as waterproof. Both rating systems are designed to provide specific detail about an enclosure’s ability to resist certain environmental elements. NEMA ratings are typically used by U.S. manufacturers and IP ratings are more internationally recognized. IP ratings are typically identified with the nomenclature of “IP” followed two or three characters, for example: IP68 or IP69K.

The first character after the IP identifies the level of protection against the ingress of solid foreign objects. The second character identifies the level of protection against moisture/liquids. The third character is a special identifier used to provide additional information related to the protection of the device.

The RoughDeck floor scales offers protection from industrial abuse and introduced elements. It offers a 6″ structural steel channel frame and diamond treadplate safety deck.

The latest IP rating to be introduced is IP69K. The IP69K test specification was initially developed for road vehicles, especially those that need regular intensive cleaning, but has also found uses in other areas (food industry, car wash centers, etc.). The first character of the IP69K rating (“6”) designates that this enclosure provides the maximum degree of protection against dust. The second character (“9”) designates that a product with this rating must provide the maximum protection against the ingress of water. The third character (according to DIN standard 40050-9) “K” identifies that this enclosure protects against high-pressure (up to 1450 PSI), high-temperature (176 degrees F) wash down from less than 4 inches away, at various different angles, for a minimum of 30 seconds at each angle. This rating is designed to provide the maximum environmental protection to electronics housed inside a protective enclosure.

Associated Scale sells and installs scale platforms that meet the IP69K rating, as well as digital instruments. The purpose of these products is to provide the maximum amount of protection (especially water wash down) available in those areas that need it. This is a real concern for those in the Food and Beverage, Chemical Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals industries. Over the past 5 – 10 years, regulations are forcing these industries to improve their sanitizing procedures due to the growing risk of health issues.

Associated Scale stays on the leading edge of technology with solutions that protect all of our families.

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