“Loyalty Through Relationships”

Industry Leaders

We at ASSOCIATED SCALE, LLC., our employees, vendors and associates strive to provide the highest quality products and services which make us a leader in the industry.

We completed and were ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited in 2000.

What We Offer

Preventative Maintenance
One of our services include Preventative Maintenance Programs to include not only checking the accuracy of your scale. We check vital operating parts, make normal adjustments to maintain accuracy.
Repair Services
Associated Scale, LLC has been repairing scale and weighing devices since 1975. Our services include repair of mechanical, electronic and program logic controllers. We repair all major manufacture brands of weighing equipment.
Calibration Services
We prove complete calibration services to include laboratory balances, bench, floor, tank and hopper, truck to rail scales. We provide ISO 17025 accredited certificates to insure that you remain in compliance with your own ISO quality System.